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Managed Virtual Assistant Solutions

Are You Looking For A Dedicated Team of VAs?

You can get a team of 5 VAs who manage your CRM, Social Media, Graphics, website creation with a project manager..

Are You Looking For A Dedicated Team of VAs?

You can get a team of 5 VAs who manage your CRM, social Media, Graphics, website creation with a project manager..

  • VAs work according to your time

  • A dedicated Project Manager with every VA to ensure efficiency

  • Internal Team Brain storming sessions

  • 100% Dedicated (Only one client at a time)

Don't go for our word...

Check out what fellow business owners say

GoHighLevel Experts, for bug-less automations

...We've got you covered.

We understand Technical tasks can hold back business owner thus our Highlevel experts are all-rounders from development of Funnels to integrations and workflows. allowing you to focus on closing sales.

Appointment Setter will make your sales easier

Each Appointment Setter works 8Hrs/day on your profiles to get you leads organically and grow your audience so you're never out of prospects.

Our VA's specialize in more then just client support but they also work hard at client satisfaction. They make sure that the client is happy with what they are getting and we make sure that none of our VA's are are neglecting their clients.

Automate and Delegate with GHLStarBoys

Website Developers will do the magic

Do you develop websites for your clients yourself? Well you can spend a fraction of cost on experts who'll do it for you allowing you to manifold your capacity to take on more clients

Lets grow together

SEO Experts, making sure you're on the top

Moving your Business according to ever changing Google algo

Search Engines are learning everyday, so are we..

Our Internal Brain storming sessions make sure that we are up to the latest advancements. Organic audience are always better with 50% more conversion rate, we know that.

Lets make a truce happen between website and sales funnels.

Media Buyers, will get you never ending leads

Tired of ads not working out?

Most of the "Expert" media buyers are not aware of ever changing Facebook Rules and regulations thus end up blocking your account. We have weekly calls with Facebook representatives to be briefed about whats coming next so we are ready before hand

Each and Everyone of the Virtual Assistant is 100% Managed

  • Internal Daily KPIs

  • * Live Time Tracking

  • * Free Strategy Sessions

Our Hiring Criteria's are based on highly selective skills which makes sure that you get the best fit for your agency. At the backend we make sure that your tasks are started and completed on time. We track the time and monitor our internal tracking sheets.


Free Replacements

Yes, you heard it. Free!

Sometimes it does not works out BUT you don't have to pay the price of that. If a VA doesn't performs we would replace them for you and make sure the next one is shadowed and ready to take off. This is all free of cost.
We also refresh your payment date from the day replacement is done if the request is made within 7 days.

Starting from: $3/hour


Live time tracking for your Virtual Assistants

All the VAs work according to your time zone 8hrs/day so there is no gap in the communication and they're working when you are working, boosting your business performance. Imagine getting your calendar filled in while you're on the call with another client.

Starting From: $3/hour

Team of VAs

You Can Hire a Team of 5 Managed VAs

  • Graphic Designer for your content

  • Appointment Setter who would also act as your Social Media Manager

  • CRM Expert

  • SEO expert

  • Project Manager

Starting From: $1000/Month

Don't make the mistake of working IN your business

Hire the best HL experts who are always learning

Choosing GHL Star Boys would not only give you talented GHL experts who are cooperative and responsive but you would also get free Brain Storming sessions if you ever need to address anything because that's the world we live in. We hope you wanna live in that world too.

Listen to the people we've served...

Growth Like Spacex Rocket... hehe

Our process

From starting line to finish line, WE USE NITROUS!!

  • First 1-1 Introductory Call

You book a call with Arham, a Marketing veteran and our CEO. We discuss about what your needs are and who could be the perfect fit for your agency.

  • Finding the right fit

According to the information you've provided us, we search among our pool of hundreds of VAs to find the right fit for you. We can present you with 2-4 candidates and you can select one from them.

  • The Selection

You can either leave the selection to our expert team who place tens of VAs Monthly or we can present you with 2-4 VAs and you can select from them yourself. This all happens before you pay a dime!

  • On-boarding

After you've selected the right fit, we begin with the placement. You can choose on a medium of communication which can be either Facebook, Slack or any other medium you're comfortable with. You would be in direct contact with the VA at all times

  • Management..

This is where the problems occur, you have to manage the VA yourself why not just perform the tasks yourself too? Our team Manages the VA for you, which means even if you are not tracking the activities of the VAs... WE ARE


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Hiring a Virtual Assistant: The Key to Relaxation.

Virtual Assistant
February 14, 20235 min read

Hiring a Virtual Assistant: The Key to Relaxation.

Do you feel like you can't handle all of the things that need to be done every day? Are you having trouble finding enough time to focus on important things? If that's the case, hiring a virtual assistant might be just what you need to feel less stressed out.

Virtual assistants are highly skilled people who help people and businesses with a wide range of tasks while working from home. Whether you need help with administrative work, social media management, customer service, or something else, hire a virtual assistant who can take on the load so you can focus on more important things.

Hiring a virtual assistant will free up more time for you: 

In most cases, the owners of businesses are so immersed in their work that they forget to occasionally take a moment to breathe normally. Who could possibly blame them? They are not only carrying the weight of an entire venture on their shoulders, but they also stand to lose a great deal if things do not go as planned.

Hiring a virtual assistant could very well prove to be the optimal response to issues of this nature. You will be able to delegate some of your responsibilities to others, allowing you to take some time off or simply relax. In addition, you will be able to enjoy your break in the knowledge that your responsibilities have been entrusted to somebody who is competent and accountable. You are able to scale the services to meet your requirements, whether you need them for a few hours a week or full-time based on the seasonality of your business, which is another significant benefit of working with a virtual assistant. Because of this, you will be able to save both time and money. Hire a virtual assistant to have gives you the ability to receive assistance with specialized activities, such as social media marketing, accountancy, and email management, which you might not be especially skilled at or have the time to complete on your own. This can assist you in improving the operations of your firm and making you more productive overall in your profession.

Psychological relief:

Among the most significant advantages of using one of these services is, when you hire a virtual assistant it can give you mental relaxation. You are able to let go of the worry and anxiety that comes with attempting to handle everything by yourself when you realize that someone else is taking care of the things that need to be done and are handling them. This sense of relaxation can have a tremendous impact on your general well-being, helping you to feel more focused, productive, and happy as a result of the changes it brings about.

Here are the psychological reliefs you get when you hire a virtual assistant:

1.) A Sense of control:

Hiring a virtual assistant can bring about a sense of psychological relaxation in several different ways, and this can be one of those methods. One of the most significant advantages is the increased sense of control it can provide you over the amount of work you have to do. When you hire a virtual assistant to help you with your work, you give yourself the opportunity to focus on the activities that demand the most of your attention while letting someone else handle the less crucial responsibilities. This can contribute to a decrease in feelings of being overwhelmed and an increase in sentiments of success.

2.) A sense of support:

In addition to this, working with a virtual assistant can provide you with a feeling of support as well as accountability. The knowledge that you have someone who can assist you in maintaining your focus on your objectives and meeting your deadlines can be a significant stress reducer. As a result of their capacity to keep you on track with chores that you may otherwise put off, virtual assistants can also help generate a sense of accountability for their clients.

3.) A sense of organization:

One way in which a virtual assistant might help a person feel more at ease psychologically is by contributing to a greater feeling of organization. Your workday can run more smoothly and productively if you make use of virtual assistants to handle duties like scheduling, managing your email, and managing projects. This can save up mental energy that you might otherwise spend attempting to keep track of these chores, allowing you to direct your attention to other, more important tasks. 

4.) A sense of motivation:

Employing a virtual assistant can increase productivity and motivation, both of which can be stress relievers in their own right. Your virtual assistant should be providing you with regular progress updates and reminders in order to aid you in staying on track with your tasks and achieving your goals. In addition to this, they are able to take on responsibilities that they do not find important or interesting, which enables them to concentrate on the work that they find to be the most gratifying and inspiring.

Hiring a virtual assistant can be a game-changer:

Anyone who is wanting to achieve more balance in their life and reduce their stress levels may find that employing a virtual assistant is a game-changer for them. You'll be able to concentrate on the things that are truly important with their assistance, and you'll also be able to experience a sense of mental relaxation thanks to the knowledge that the other aspects are being handled by an experienced person.


Hiring a virtual assistant can bring about a sense of psychological relaxation in a number of different ways. For example, it can provide a sense of control, organization, support, and accountability; it can also boost productivity and motivation; and it can bring about this sense of relaxation in a number of different ways. But before you hire a virtual assistant, the only thing you need to ensure is that a background check has been performed, or at the least, that you have checked with the individual's prior employer. In addition to that, you should make it a priority to develop a strong relationship with them by maintaining open and honest communication.

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