For Those Who want more....

Managed GHL Virtual Assistant Solutions

Are You Looking For A Dedicated Team of VAs?

You can get a team of 8 VAs who manage your CRM, Social Media, Graphics, Videos, website creation along with a Project Manager..

Are You Looking For A Dedicated Team of VAs?

You can get a team of 5 VAs who manage your CRM, social Media, Graphics, website creation with a project manager..

Other Gohighlevel CRM Services:

  • 24/5 GoHighLevel customer support (UNIQUE)

  • Dashboard, form and Survey Customization

  • GoHighLevel sales automation and AI Integrations

  • Academy For Gohighlevel

Don't go for our word...

Check out what fellow business owners say

GoHighLevel Experts, for bug-less automations

...We've got you covered.

We understand Technical tasks can hold back business owner thus our Highlevel experts are all-rounders from GoHighLevel CRM to GoHighLevel sales automation and workflows. allowing you to focus on closing sales.

  • Dedicated Experts to one client at a time only

  • Works according to your time zone

  • Managed by our team at the backend

  • Live Communication

  • Ability to White Label Support

Appointment Setter will keep the flow of organic leads coming in

Each Appointment Setter works 8Hrs/day on your profiles to get you leads organically and grow your audience so you're never out of prospects.

Our VA's specialize in more then just client support but they also work hard at client satisfaction. They make sure that the client is happy with what they are getting and we make sure that none of our VA's are are neglecting their clients.

  • Setting Appointments using Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn

  • Generating Audience on Social Platforms

  • Meeting Daily KPIs

Automate and Delegate with GHLStarBoys

Appointment Setter will keep the flow of organic leads coming in

Each Appointment Setter works 8Hrs/day on your profiles to get you leads organically and grow your audience so you're never out of prospects.

Our VA's specialize in more then just client support but they also work hard at client satisfaction. They make sure that the client is happy with what they are getting and we make sure that none of our VA's are are neglecting their clients.

  • Setting Appointments using Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn

  • Generating Audience on Social Platforms

  • Meeting Daily KPIs

Automate and Delegate with GHLStarBoys

Website Developers will do the magic

Do you develop websites for your clients yourself? Well you can spend a fraction of cost on experts who'll do it for you allowing you to manifold your capacity to take on more clients

  • Custom Websites on wordpress or other CMS

  • Customization on Websites

  • Integrating websites with Gohighlevel

SEO Experts, making sure you're on the top

Moving your Business according to ever changing Google algo

Search Engines are learning everyday, so are we..

Our Internal Brain storming sessions make sure that we are up to the latest advancements. Organic audience are always better with 50% more conversion rate, we know that.

Lets make a truce happen between website and sales funnels.

  • Ranking with the relevant keywords

  • Local Visibility Ranking

  • Completely White Label Services

SEO Experts, making sure you're on the top

Moving your Business according to ever changing Google algo

Search Engines are learning everyday, so are we..

Our Internal Brain storming sessions make sure that we are up to the latest advancements. Organic audience are always better with 50% more conversion rate, we know that.

Lets make a truce happen between website and sales funnels.

  • Ranking with the relevant keywords

  • Local Visibility Ranking

  • Completely White Label Services

Media Buyers, will get you never ending leads

Tired of ads not working out?

Most of the "Expert" media buyers are not aware of ever changing Facebook Rules and regulations thus end up blocking your account. We have weekly calls with Facebook representatives to be briefed about whats coming next so we are ready before hand

  • Paid Ads on Facebook, Tiktok. Google and Youtube

  • Integrating Ads with GHL

  • Tracking and Testing metrics and KPIs

Each and every one of our Assistant is 100% Managed

  • Internal Daily KPIs

  • Live Time Tracking

  • Free Strategy Sessions

Our Hiring Criteria's are based on highly selective skills which makes sure that you get the best fit for your agency. At the backend we make sure that your tasks are started and completed on time. We track the time and monitor our internal tracking sheets.


Free Replacements

Yes, you heard it. Free!

Sometimes it does not works out BUT you don't have to pay the price of that. If a VA doesn't performs we would replace them for you and make sure the next one is shadowed and ready to take off. This is all free of cost.
We also refresh your payment date from the day replacement is done if the request is made within 7 days.

Starting from: $3/hour


Live time tracking for your GHL Virtual Assistants

All the VAs work according to your time zone 8hrs/day so there is no gap in the communication and they're working when you are working, boosting your business performance. Imagine getting your calendar filled in while you're on the call with another client.

Starting From: $3/hour

Team of VAs

You Can Hire a Team of 8 Managed VAs

1. CRM Expert

2. Graphic Designer

3. Video Editor

4. SEO Expert

5. Appointment Setter

6. Data Entry and Admin

7. Media Buyer

8. Social Media Manager

9. Project Manager

Starting From: $1500/Month

Unleash the Power of GoHighLevel CRM : Overcoming the Initial Hurdles!

We are Here To Help!

  • Need high quality & high converting funnels to engage more leads?

  • Frustrated with purchasing low-quality snapshots that take hours to figure out?

  • Is automation not functioning according to your desired expectations?

  • Curious about the extensive capabilities of GoHighLevel beyond what you already know?

  • Eager to explore and learn additional cool tips and tricks for maximizing your use of GoHighLevel (GHL)?

  • Unsure if your GoHighLevel is optimized with the best settings?

  • Looking for assistance in crafting and designing your SaaS website?

  • Require assistance in customizing the dashboard's appearance to align perfectly with your brand?

  • Looking to offer your clients genuine white-label marketing services for their business?

  • Feeling overwhelmed and in need of guidance on where to begin? Seek a consultation to get started on the right track.

Don't make the mistake of working IN your business

Hire the best GHL experts who are always learning

Choosing GHL Star Boys would not only give you talented GHL experts who are cooperative and responsive but you would also get free Brain Storming sessions if you ever need to address anything because that's the world we live in. We hope you wanna live in that world too.

Listen to the people we've served...

Growth Like Spacex Rocket... hehe

Our process

From starting line to finish line, WE USE NITROUS!!

  • First 1-1 Introductory Call

You book a call with our Team. We discuss about what your needs are and who could be the perfect fit for your agency.

  • Finding the right fit

According to the information you've provided us, we search among our pool of hundreds of VAs to find the right fit for you.

  • Vetting

We get the VA ready to start working with you and your clients completely Whitelabel

  • On-boarding

We add you with the Project manager and VA inside our Slack channel. You are always in direct contact with the VA over slack open to have daily/ weekly meetings.

  • Management..

Our team Manages the VA for you, which means even if you are not tracking the activities of the VAs... WE ARE. We make sure the VA is on time and efficiency is not compromised.


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Unlock Secret Business Growth: Discover What Go High Level Can Do for You!

February 26, 202419 min read

What is Go High Level

Running a successful business in the digital era is difficult because it needs a lot of revenue and tools for online exposure. Here comes the Go High Level, a subscription-based tool offering many services, including marketing and customer relation management solutions. Many individuals, companies, and marketing agencies use Go High Level because of its cheap price and the best value-for-money services. It provides access to the best tools that offer marketing and CRM solutions. It works on a subscription-based model and offers monthly and yearly payment options. It is often described as an all-in-one solution for your business that offers tools, running of marketing campaigns, CRMS, and data collection. Go High Level is like a grocery store of the most important tools where you can find any tool and get access to it. Now, you don’t have to buy subscriptions of different tools separately. Go High level not only saves you money but also saves your time as you can select anything under a roof. 

Working on Go High Level

It offers different plans, and you can select your option based on your business requirements. Go High Level offers a 14-day free trial so that you can decide whether it's helpful for you or not. Currently, Go High Level is offering three subscriptions. 

  • Agency Starter Account that gives you one account with limited access. In this plan, you only access one account for yourself, or you can give access to your client only.

  • Agency Unlimited Account gives you unlimited accounts for the tools. Here comes the interesting part: due to unlimited accounts, you can give as many accounts to your clients as you want to add. That helps you a lot in running campaigns, CRMS, same business nature clients campaigns, and much more. All your clients' accounts can access all the tools provided by Go High Level. You can create websites, survey pages, sales funnels, courses, and more for unlimited time. It also lets you track and manage your messages, emails, appointments, and communications. 

  • White Label Upgrade plan that gives you access to the whole platform of the Go High-Level platform. This program is basically for marketing agencies with a lot of business volume. With this package, a marketing agency can access all the Go High-Level services under its brand name to its clients. The company’s clients will directly purchase the Go High-Level subscription from the company. As the agency customizes it, its clients will never know that these are tools provided by Go High Level. 

Woking on ghl

Top three reasons to select GoHighLevel

A Tree of Features

HighLevel offers all the tools related to your website development, management, communication, and more. It provides an all-one solution that saves much time, as time is the most important factor in your website development and management. You don't have to buy each tool separately and manage your website with slow processing. Just avail your desired HighLevelPackage and start your website, deal with your clients, make appointments, and avail services of virtual assistance, CRMS, and communications. You can also take snapshots of successful businesses and share the successful business insights of that business with your clients.

Affordable prices

GHL offers the best prices in the market. Although it offers many services under one umbrella, its price is the lowest in the market. The basic package starts from $99 only, and you can access the services and tools worth more than $6000. That’s a grand bargain for your business, as you don't have to spend much money building and establishing your brand or business. There are plenty of features in the basic package. If you go towards the most premium package that costs around $499, you can even use GHL as your service with your customized themes. You can sell unlimited accounts to your clients for your price.


The best thing about GHL is it is user-friendly and provides state-of-the-art support to its customers. It gives customers access to various platforms like service introduction courses, 24/7 customer support, Facebook events, premium chat services, YouTube training videos, and announcements. You can directly contact GoHighLevel for the understanding of any tool. GoHighLevel is always available with its team, so your queries will be solved in the shortest time frame.

The target audience of Go High Level

The parent company of this initiative is also an agency, and the target audience of this product is the other marketing agencies. The ambition of the creator of Go High Level was clear: to provide all necessary tools for marketing campaigns and CRMS in just one click with more convenience. The primary users of this platform are mostly marketing agencies because they have a large number of clients, and they have to provide them services simultaneously. Go High level automates the communication, emails, and messages between clients and marketing agencies to manage more and more clients simultaneously. With the addition of a white label upgrade, you can have unlimited clients simultaneously and enjoy all the Go High-Level services without any lag or problems. White-label upgrade offers you unlimited growth of your business. With a White label upgrade, Go High level will allow you to experiment with different marketing tactics, as some are less successful than others. 

Why does your business need to Go High Level?

If you have a business and you want your digital presence. You can buy different tools and services with money. On the other hand, you can buy a low-price subscription to Go High Level and access many tools and services that will provide you with marketing, CRMS, and communication automation services. It will save much of your time as you don't have to access every tool separately. You can access them on one platform easily. In the market, other competitors can offer only 20 funnels for a cheap subscription plan. At the same time, with Go High level, you have unlimited funnels with the most basic plans. 

Why does your business need to Go High Level?

The positive aspects of Go High Level

All-in-one solution: Go High Level offers a variety of tools and services under one roof with just one click.

User-friendly interface: The interface of the Go High level is very easy and user-friendly, allowing its users to navigate and access the services.

Automation: It automates campaigns, communication, messages, emails, and responses with the latest trendy tools for a smoother and lag-free experience. The automation of the business increases efficiency and also saves your time.

Mobile Application: With a mobile application, you can communicate, manage, and schedule appointments with your clients at your fingertips during travel and free work.

Templates: The platform offers templates to run your campaigns by cloning them.

Customer Support: Go High Level offers customer support 24 hours, 7 days a week, to solve the queries of its clients.

White label: With white labeling, you can outsource the services and tools with your name, and your clients will never know that you are selling the tools from Go High Level.

The main tools that Go High Level offers

  1. Drag-and-drop tools help create funnels, emails, surveys, websites, forms, and landing pages. These tools use customizable templates to perform these tasks.

  2. You can email, call and SMS through the website of Go High Level.

  3. The smart pipeline will help you categorize the stages of your client's businesses. You can monitor and analyze where you have to improve for better results.

  4. It creates automated workflows that follow a certain pattern to perform actions. For example, if you or your client forgot to see the email, it will remind you or your client again for that specific action with SMS alerts.

  5. Appointments can automatically update on the calendar, and you can also automate communication. For example, If someone cancels an appointment, it will show the notification and message of the cancellation. It will reschedule your meeting depending on the schedule of the prospect.

  6. With Artificial intelligence, you can automate your messages and SMS.

  7. You can take courses with unlimited videos for unlimited clients.

  8. You can add automated calls and voicemail drops in marketing campaigns.

  9. You can manage, track, and monitor the performances and reviews.

  10. You can use Zapier to integrate it with third-party systems like Stripe and WooCommerce.

  11. You can add your branding label to your plans and mobile apps with white labels.

More additional features

  • Just buy a white-label upgrade and pass it to the clients with your branding.

  • AI automation in excess so that it will save you time.

  • Unlimited scalability of your accounts.

  • You can do cloning, especially for users who are digital marketers and have specific niches.

Types of Applications that are in danger because of Go High Level

  • CRM, Email marketing, pipeline management apps

  • Sales funnel building software

  • 2 way SMS apps

  • Booking, appointments, and reminder apps

  • Call tracking apps

  • Hosting and membership apps

  • Website building tools

The tools Go High Level offers at 297 USD are worth around 6700 USD if you purchase their subscriptions separately. That means it costs you around 4.5 percent of these important tools separately.

Limitations and Downsides of Go High Level

There is a debate in the market about whether there are limitations to this subscription or whether it is perfect. There are some reviews on the internet, and they are all in favor of GHL. GHL also offers a 14-day free trial that will give you a better understanding of the basics and working of the tools, and the amazing thing is that it's free. Then, after the trial period, you can analyze the situation based on your 14-day trial period. The only thing you have to be careful about GO High level is to give it time as its automated system needs time and has a long learning curve.

GHL Starboys customized services

Here is the complete guide for going through our customized portal and accessing many services. This is the basic guide to accessing the best services for your website with our customized package. Here are the options and services you can avail with our portal

Landing Page

Our portal will welcome you on the landing page, and the landing page offers many services like

  • You can download our customized GHL Starboys Application for your Android and app store.

  • You can access and link your Google My Business account.

  • You can connect your Facebook page or account with our CRM. You can do postings and forms and run ad campaigns directly from our customized CRM.

  • You can connect chat widgets of your websites to our CRM and can directly use the services of chat bots through our CRM to answer the queries of your websites.

  • For payment purposes, you can connect your Stripe account with our CRM.

  • You can also connect your wordpress account with our CRM, where you can directly access unlimited themes of wordpress with just one click.

  • You can also add different team members and connect them with our CRM.

Our landing page provides you with all the different services on one page. At the same time, if you access them separately, you have to open each service on a separate page and log in separately for each service. Our CRM saves a lot of your time, effort, and money.


After visiting the landing page, you can click on the Dashboard option. The dashboard provides you with these states.

  • You can connect your website dashboard with our CRM and access your website's live stats.

  • You can connect multiple website dashboards on our CRM.

  • You can access Opportunity Status, Opportunity Value, and Conversation rate or revenue.

  • You can connect funnels, stage distributions, tasks, and manual actions.

  • Well, the dashboard doesn't stop here. You can also connect Lead Source reports, Google Analytics Reports, Google Business Profiles, Facebook Ads Reports, and Google Ad Reports.

The dashboard of our CRM holds a special place as it has much information, and that information is the most relevant to our CRM.


This section of our CRM is for all types of communications. You can access different tabs on the Conversion page and perform different types of communications on different platforms.

  • The conversation tab is for the direct conversation of your clients with you on your website. In contrast, the conversation tab is connected with CRM, and you will receive notifications directly.

  • In the Manual Task section, you can select different workflows. You can run campaigns on your website and directly monitor those campaigns through our CRM.

  • You can write and create emails for different purposes and customers in the Templates section.

  • In the Trigger link section, you can add links to websites and web pages and use these emails in SMS and email campaigns.


You can access your company's employees' appointments and work deadlines in the calendar section.

  • You can add or assign tasks on the calendar tab. Also you can monitor your deadlines of your working deadlines.

  • In the appointment tabs, you can make appointments with your employees. You can send them reminders and alerts about their new tasks and meetings.


In the Contacts section of our CRM, you have plenty of options with lots of information. You can access different tabs in the Contacts section.

  • You can add contacts and descriptions in the smart list tab, run campaigns and workflows, add or remove tags, and more customized options.

  • In the Bulk actions tab, you can do bulk taskings like exporting and importing contact information; you can check the statuses of your actions and statistics.

  • In the Restore tab you can restore contacts related to your website customers and employees.

  • In the Tasks tab, you can check the assigned, finished, and pending tasks given to your employees. You can send them alerts on currently assigned tasks and check your employees' statuses and tasks.

  • In the Company name tab, you can access the contacts of the companies you are working with. 

  • In the Manage Smart List tab, you have a variety of options, and contact information of global customers, the contacts shared by, and the contacts shared with you.


Our CRM provides you the option of Opportunities, and by opening this tab, you can access two more tabs, and both have different functions.

  • The first tab is the opportunity tab; you can access leads, add opportunities, add animations, and many many options. You can also access your employees in the opportunity section.

  • In the pipelines tab, you can create and delete pipelines related to your services, products, companies, employees, applicants, etc.

There are so many options in our customized GHL layout that you can explore for hours, but still, you cannot see all the services our CRM provides.


By clicking on the payments option, you can access different tabs. The payments option has all the possible gateways to your website, and you can directly monitor your invoices and cash statistics. Here are the tabs with their customized payment workings.

  • First, you have an invoicing tab, and you can invoice different customers and your company. There are two additional options in the invoices tab: recurring templates and templates.

  • Then you have the documents & contracts tab. Here, you can access all the documents related to your company, employees, customers, and other companies.

  • In the Orders tab, you can access the orders you are receiving on your website; you can monitor your orders' statistics and the information about the abandoned orders.

  • In the subscriptions tab, you can see and access the subscriptions your clients are utilizing. By seeing the real-time statistics, you can judge your clients' purchasing decisions.

  • In the Payment Links tab, you can access all the payment methods you selected for your employees, clients, and business.

  • Then we have tabs on Transactions, Products, Coupons, Settings, and Integration. Each of these tabs possesses special customized features, and you can access them based on your needs.


Now we have the Marketing option, and when you open this page, you will access different tabs with their separate workings.

  • In the social planner tab, you can access your social media platform with access to your social media posts; you can see the real-time statistics of your social media platforms with the number of posts you will upload on your social media. You can see comments, likes, dislikes, social media postings pla, personal social media posts, and other details related to your social media.

  • You can see campaigns and templates in the Email section, where you can email marketing campaigns, draft your emails, send emails to silence, and plan emails to your clients and employees.

  • The tab of Affiliate Manager is also present in the marketing option; with the manager's name, yo, you will understand its role. It can run campaigns, Affiliate marketing, Payouts, Media, and Settings.


You can automate your business workflow with plenty of features in the automation option. Automation is one of the best offerings by our CRM as it reduces your efforts to do tasks of your business and integrates Artificial intelligence in your business, saving you a lot of time and effort. Here are the tabs with their options.

  • In the workflow tab, you can create workflow lists for your business workings that will automatically do the assigned works mentioned in the workflows. Workflows are very convenient to use.

  • The tab of Content AI offers you the management of content with the help of AI. It helps you make and manage content by showing you the word count you generated, the variations of dollars, and the words per day live on your screen.

  • On the Campaign tab, you can automate your emails, SMS, and ad campaigns. With the automation of campaigns, you can save much time.

  • In the Trigger tab, you can manage your customers and employees' social media posts, appointments, and emails with automation.



The site option has a vast variety of tabs and customized offerings. With the Site option you can manage all the websites working. Site option tabs are here.

  • You have the tab of funnels, and you can manage, create, and edit your funnels for each website.

  • You have the tab of Websites where you can manage your websites, your stores and the pages related to your business.

  • The Wordpress tab connects the wordpress with your websites, and you can directly do customizations according to your business requirements in your business. You can manage your domain and hostings.

  • The Client Portal tab gives you access to your client dashboards and settings of the client's portals, generates magic links, and invites new customers. With the client portal tab, you can directly access your client.

  • Forms tab includes Analyze, Submissions, and Builder tabs, and you can do work on your website using these tabs according to the need of work. The basic purpose of the Forms tab is to create forms for clients and potential audiences.

  • The survey forms tab also has these three more tabs. The purpose of survey tabs is to create, manage, and deliver the surveys to the customers and target audience to increase business visibility.

  • With Chat widget, Media, and URL directs tabs, you can access the chat widgets, media files, and URLs of your websites, the creation of messages, feedback, customer care, manage videos and pictures, and the links related to your websites are all the options you can access from these tabs.


The membership option has three furthers that allow you to manage your clients or customers that your premium subscriptions. Here are the three tabs with their offerings.

  • The course board has the points, products, offers, analytics, and settings. You can monitor the sales of products and subscriptions you offer clients. The dashboard will show the analytics of sales of products. You can check sales, members, checkouts of products, and opt-ins in the courses tab.

  • In the communities tab, you can go through the groups you have made on your social media platforms or the groups for discussion on your websites. You can also manage the groups and their settings in the settings tab.

  • You can also access the certificates tab, where you can check the performances of employees and sales of customers. You can give certifications to the most loyal customers.


The reputation option has several tabs; you can access different features related to client reviews, reputation, sentiments, and more. Here are the tabs offered by the reputation option.

  • In the overview section, you can monitor invited goals, reviews received, sentiments, the average rating of products on the website, the latest review requests, and trends and send review requests directly from this page.

  • In the request option, you can monitor the requests submitted by the company and employees to the customers.

  • In the reviews tab, you can access all the reviews and ratings. You can reply to them manually and even use the integration of artificial intelligence to answer these reviews.

  • In the listing tab, you can access different tools for all the purposes of reviews and reputations. 


In the reporting option, you can access ad campaigns on different platforms. Here are the tabs you can access and monitor the services of campaigns.

  • You can monitor, access, and run the Google Ads tab ads. The Google ads tab shows impressions, revenue, sales, conversion rates, and average CPC.

  • In the Facebook ads tab, you can access, monitor, and run the campaigns on Facebook and instagram. You can see the conversion rates, revenue from these ads, and the reach of your products in the Facebook audience.

  • In the attributes tab, you can observe revenue closed, opportunities won, total leads, and total sessions, and you can also see the live graphs of your revenue, leads, and opportunities.

  • You can see the analytics and details of incoming and outgoing calls in the call reporting tab. You can also observe the top call sources for your platforms.

  • You can access opportunities, conversions, SMS, email, call metrics, efficiency, and leaderboard in the agent reporting tabard.


By selecting the support option, you can access our help and support. You can send us any query related to our CRM, and we will reach you with our best customer care services. By selecting the support option, a new tab will open, and you will enter the query with your name and contact information.

Web development

By clicking on the web development option, you will land on another tab where we have offerings related to your website's development. You can select your device package according to your budget. We will make the best website for you with our dedicated team of web developers.

Other services

You can also access other services, including social media management, email marketing, and reputation management, from our website. We have a dedicated team of virtual assistance for all departments. You can avail of the exclusive services from our dedicated VAs for different services.


Go High Level is a comprehensive solution for your business's digital footprint and growth. Starting from 97 USD, the base package offers a lot compared to its price. You can now automate your appointments, all sorts of communications, campaigns, and building your websites under just one umbrella. The overall interface of the Go High-Level system is easy and understandable for users. Our customized CRM is the best choice for the development and growth of your business. We have dedicated teams for different services. You can also manage your business sales, clients, and employees on our platform. Avail our services for the success of your business in the digital world.

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